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Common Troubleshooting Tips for Polymer80/80% Pistol Builds

Building your own pistol at home is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for many gun owners. Assembling your own Polymer80 or 80% pistol builds allows you to customize and personalize the firearm to suit your individual needs, preferences, and shooting style. 

However, building firearms from scratch can be complex and challenging if you don’t have the right information or resources. To ensure that your build project runs smoothly with minimal problems along the way, it’s important to know some common troubleshooting tips..

At 3CR Tactical, our firearms experts have decades of experience with Polymer80 and 80% pistol builds. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most important steps you should take before starting any home gun build project in order to make sure that it’s successful and efficient.

Polymer80 Build Tips

The following are just a few basic tips that home gun builders must keep in mind when embarking on a pistol-build project:

  1. Read the Instructions Carefully
  2. Take Your Time and Double-Check Everything
  3. Utilize Quality Tools
  4. Research Compliant Parts
  5. Research Compliant Parts

For more information, be sure to research materials thoroughly and consult with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process. With patience and attention to detail, even novice builders can expect their Polymer80 builds to come out properly assembled and functioning correctly for years to come!

1. Read the Instructions Carefully

Polymer80 pistol builds have detailed instructions that must be followed precisely in order to ensure a successful build. It is essential for builders to read the directions carefully and make sure all components are understood before starting their project. 

2. Take Your Time and Double-Check Everything

Building a gun from scratch requires patience and attention to detail. If something doesn’t look right or isn’t working properly, double check it before proceeding any further. Taking your time with each step of the process will help prevent costly mistakes down the road.

3. Utilize Quality Tools

The tools you use play an important role in how well your build will turn out. Investing in quality tools such as a drill press, hand jig, and other components will make the process much easier and help ensure that your pistol build is successful. 

4. Research Compliant Parts

When building a gun from scratch, it’s important to research compliant parts for your particular state or country. This includes researching Magazine Lock Systems (MLS) and compliance parts for certain states before beginning your build to ensure that you are buying the appropriate parts for where you live. 

5. Ensure Proper Fitment

Fitting all of the small components together can be tricky, especially when dealing with Polymer80 frames. Take extra care to ensure everything fits properly with minimal gaps or forced adjustments. If something doesn’t fit as it should, don’t try to force it. Instead, take the time to double check your measurements and alignment before continuing. 

How Can 3CR Tactical Resolve Polymer80 Glock 17 Problems?

The parts we sell are intended for installation by a licensed gunsmith. Unfortunately, we cannot troubleshoot the issues you may run into when building or modifying things on your own. 

Instead, we can offer you the resources we’ve discovered that contain all the information you need for an optimal build.

Third-Party Resources for the Perfect 80% Pistol Build

The links below are a good start to help resolve common issues, but are not comprehensive. Therefore, performing your own research is strongly encouraged

Reddit, Youtube, and Google are just a few places where you can find information on people who have come across and resolved the issues you face. We’ve compiled the list below on common troubleshooting and fitting steps, such as Polymer80 slide release problems. 

This list will be updated periodically.



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Find Polymer80 Parts to Maintain a Pistol Build at 3CR Tactical

In most cases, some minor fitting, you must polish and make adjustments often to ensure that you have a reliable firearm. You can break-in a functional pistol through regular use, but having resources on hand guarantees that you can always maintain the performance of your favorite firearms.

To learn more about the high-speed products we offer, their applications, and their advantages, reach out to our team today.

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