Examining Swampfox Optics at 3CR Tactical

Posted by 3CR Tactical on 26th Jun 2024

Examining Swampfox Optics at 3CR Tactical

Swampfox Optics: Innovation and Precision

Swampfox Optics is a leading name in the world of firearm optics, known for its innovative designs, precision engineering, and rugged reliability. At 3CR Tactical, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of Swampfox Optics products to enhance your shooting experience. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a tactical operator, Swampfox Optics provides high-quality solutions to meet your needs.

Red Dot Sights


The Kingslayer series offers compact and durable red dot sights perfect for quick target acquisition in any environment. Designed for pistols, shotguns, and rifles, these sights provide exceptional clarity and accuracy.

  • Features: 3 MOA red dot, multiple reticle options, and a scratch-resistant lens coating.
  • Benefits: Fast target acquisition, robust construction, and versatile mounting options.

Liberty and Justice

Liberty and Justice red dot sights are designed for larger handguns and carbines, offering a wider field of view and enhanced durability. These optics are ideal for both defensive and competitive shooting.

  • Features: 1x magnification, shake ‘n wake technology, and waterproof construction.
  • Benefits: Improved situational awareness, energy efficiency, and reliable performance in all conditions.

Prism Scopes


The Trihawk series provides fixed power prism scopes with crystal-clear optics and rugged construction. These scopes are perfect for shooters who need rapid target acquisition and enhanced accuracy.

  • Features: 3x magnification, etched reticle, and nitrogen-purged housing.
  • Benefits: Increased accuracy, clear sight picture, and fog-resistant performance.


Blade prism scopes offer fixed magnification with an illuminated reticle, making them ideal for a wide range of shooting applications. These scopes are built to withstand the toughest conditions while providing superior clarity and precision.

  • Features: 1x magnification, BDC reticle, and multi-coated lenses.
  • Benefits: Quick target acquisition, long-lasting durability, and versatile use.

Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO)


The Tomahawk series of LPVOs is designed for versatility and precision. With adjustable magnification, these scopes are perfect for both close-quarters and long-range engagements.

  • Features: 1-4x, 1-6x, 1-8x, and 1-10x options, illuminated reticle, and throw lever.
  • Benefits: Adaptability to various shooting scenarios, quick magnification changes, and clear optics.


Arrowhead LPVOs offer advanced features and rugged construction for serious shooters. These scopes provide a wide magnification range and are built to handle the rigors of tactical use.

  • Features: 1-6x, 1-8x, and 1-10x options, daylight bright reticle, and aircraft-grade aluminum housing.
  • Benefits: Exceptional clarity, robust durability, and ease of use.

Long Range Scopes


The Warhawk series is designed for precision long-range shooting, offering high magnification and exceptional optical clarity. These scopes are perfect for marksmen who demand the best in accuracy and performance.

  • Features: 4-20x and 5-25x options, first focal plane reticle, and zero reset turrets.
  • Benefits: Enhanced long-range accuracy, precise adjustments, and reliable tracking.

Kentucky Long

Kentucky Long scopes provide a versatile solution for mid to long-range shooting, with a focus on durability and precision. These scopes are ideal for hunting, target shooting, and tactical use.

  • Features: 2-12x and 3-18x options, illuminated reticle, and shock-resistant construction.
  • Benefits: Versatile magnification range, improved visibility in low light, and rugged performance.

Why Choose Swampfox Optics from 3CR Tactical?

At 3CR Tactical, we are committed to offering only the best products to our customers. Swampfox Optics stands out for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and reliable performance. When you choose Swampfox Optics from 3CR Tactical, you are investing in precision, durability, and exceptional value.

Explore our selection of Swampfox Optics today and enhance your shooting experience with optics that deliver superior performance in any situation.

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