Glock Parts Kits

When it comes to firearms, personalization and performance are key considerations for many enthusiasts and firearm owners. Glock pistols, known for their reliability and ease of use, are no exception. Glock parts kits provide firearm enthusiasts with the opportunity to customize and upgrade their Glock handguns, tailoring them to their specific needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of Glock parts kits, examining their significance, types, features, customization options, and factors to consider when selecting the right kit for your Glock firearm.

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Parts Kits: Slides & Small Parts for Glocks & Polymer80s

Owning a handgun can provide peace of mind and security for homeowners and self-defense advocates. For others, they offer a unique and exciting platform for competitive shooting.

However, if your handgun isn’t properly maintained, it can become a danger to yourself and others. That’s why it’s important to have a small parts kit on hand to keep your handgun functioning safely and effectively.

Even better, these kits empower you to complete your own slide for a more custom feel. Fortunately, at 3CR Tactical, we offer an expansive selection of diverse small parts kits to ensure that your firearm is always ready.

Glock Receiver Parts Kits

In order to find the best slide completion & small parts kits for your needs, it is important to understand what to look for when making your purchase. You may own a Glock Model 26, but do you need a Glock 26 slide completion kit, or the slide parts kit for a Glock 26 Gen 3?

What is a Small Parts Kit?

A small parts kit for Glock & Polymer80 handguns can help owners keep their firearms in good condition. Having a small parts kit on hand ensures that you will always have the replacement parts you need to keep your handgun in good working condition.

They typically offer an assortment of replacement parts for your handgun. For example, this Glock 19 Parts Kit includes everything you’d need to replace key components in your Glock 19 lower, such as the trigger spring, the magazine release spring, and connectors.

What is a Slide Completion Kit?

Meanwhile, a slide completion kit includes all of the necessary components to complete a custom slide for your handgun. For instance, this 3CR Tactical Slide Completion Kit for Glock 17 provides you with:

  • One (1) 9mm Firing Pin
  • One (1) Firing Pin Spring
  • One (1) Spacer Sleeve
  • Two (2) Spring Cups
  • One (1) Extractor Depressor Plunger
  • One (1) Plunger Spring
  • One (1) Spring-Loaded Bearing
  • One (1) Firing Pin Safety
  • One (1) Safety Spring
  • One (1) Slide Plate Cover
  • One (1) Extractor
  • One (1) Channel Liner
  • One (1) Recoil Spring
  • One (1) Guide Rod Assembly

Why Would I Need Either of These Kits?

You might need either a slide completion kit or small parts kit if you’re looking to do any of the following:

  • Assemble a custom Glock-compatible or Polymer80-compatible slide from scratch
  • Replace worn or damaged components on an existing Glock or Polymer80 handgun
  • Customize the function of your Glock or Polymer80 handgun with aftermarket components
  • Troubleshoot problems with your Glock or Polymer80 handgun

Find the Best Complete Glock Parts Kits at 3CR Tactical

Discover the best parts kits for maintaining & upgrading your favorite handguns at 3CR Tactical. We’re a family owned and operated, one-stop resource for gun owners all over the country.

From Glock 17 parts kits to Glock 23 slide completion kits, we equip you with everything you need to remain ready on the range. To find the perfect parts kits to maintain your Glock and Polymer80 handguns, reach out to our team today.

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