Glock Slide Kits

Configurable kits of slides and compatible parts to assemble your own complete slide for Glock pistols.


Slide Kits

Have you found yourself thinking “I should build my own Glock”? If you’re like most gun owners, you probably have.

Glock pistols are some of the most popular handguns on the market. They’re reliable, accurate, and easy to maintain. Plus, their popularity among police and military makes them instantly recognizable.

But before you start your next Glock build, you need reliable equipment. At 3CR Tactical, we offer an expansive selection of diverse slide kits. Find yours, and everything you need to consider before building your own Glock slide completion kit, below.

The Best Glock Slide Completion Kits

A configurable Glock slide completion kit includes compatible parts to assemble your own complete slide for Glock pistols. This includes the slide, the barrel, the iron sights, and necessary small parts for internal components.

Remember that, unless otherwise specified, most completion kits won’t include the recoil rod and spring. However, you can customize nearly every other component in the kit.

But how are you supposed to know which kit is best for you? Here, the Glock experts at 3CR Tactical reveal their 6 favorite completion kits:

  1. Build Your Own Slide Kit for Glock 17 Gen 3
  2. Build-Your-Own Complete Slide for Glock 19 Gen 3
  3. Build-Your-Own Elite Slide Kit for Glock 19
  4. Build-Your-Own Complete Slide for Glock 23 Gen 3
  5. Build-Your-Own Complete Slide for Glock 26
  6. Build-Your-Own Complete Slide for Glock 43/43X

And below, we use one kit to explain why these are the best kits available for a customized sidearm.

Build Your Own Slide Kits for Glock 17 Gen 3

This Build-Your-Own Complete Slide for Glock 17 Gen 3 is perfect for gun enthusiasts and self-defense advocates who want to create their own custom Glock pistol. In addition to the necessary components, you can personalize this kit.

For example, there are 9 Glock 17 slide options…

  • Brownells Blank Slide
  • Zev Stripped Duty RMR Cut Slide
  • Sniper Grey RMR Cut Slide
  • Brownells Iron Sight Window Slide
  • RMR Cut Black DLC Slide with Cover Plate
  • Graphite Black Cerakote Elite RMR Cut Slide
  • V Iron Sight Cut Black Nitride Slide
  • Matrix Arms RMR Black DLC Skeletonized Slide
  • Matrix Arms Delta RMR Slide

Another nine barrel options…

  • 9mm Black Nitride Replacement Barrel
  • CMC Triggers Black Fluted Barrel
  • Grey Ghost Precision Black Match Grade Threaded Barrel
  • 9mm Black Nitride Threaded Barrel
  • 9mm Matte DLC Crown Cut Replacement Barrel
  • 9mm Oil Slick Crown Cut Replacement Barrel
  • 9mm DLC Threaded Barrel with Thread Protector
  • 9mm Stainless Polished Crown Cut Replacement Barrel
  • 9mm Fluted Pocketed Black Nitride Barrel

…and 3 distinct slide parts kits. Oh, and we didn’t even mention the additional 9 iron sights options. In other words, your weapon isn’t like anyone else’s.

Find Parts for Your Custom Glock Build at 3CR Tactical

At 3CR Tactical, we have a passion for the 2nd Amendment. Building your own weapon in accordance with local, state, and federal laws is an obvious extension of that very right.

With new rules governing the production of privately made firearms (PMFs), we’re limited in the assistance that we can provide. However, we’re always happy to answer questions about the products we offer.

To find reliable parts for building, maintaining, and upgrading your Glock-style pistol, reach out to our team

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