AR-15 Foregrips: A Comprehensive Guide from 3CR Tactical

Posted by 3CR Tactical on 4th Mar 2024

AR-15 Foregrips: A Comprehensive Guide from 3CR Tactical

What Are AR-15 Foregrips?

AR-15 foregrips are accessories that attach to the front of your AR-15 rifle, providing you with a more stable grip and better control over your weapon. These grips come in a variety of styles and materials, each offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Vertical Foregrips

Vertical foregrips are one of the most common types of AR-15 foregrips. They attach to the underside of the rifle’s handguard and provide a vertical grip for the shooter. This grip allows for more comfortable shooting, especially during rapid fire or long shooting sessions.

Angled Foregrips

Angled foregrips are another popular option for AR-15 owners. These grips are angled forward, providing a more ergonomic grip for the shooter. Angled foregrips are often preferred by shooters who use a thumb-over-bore grip, as they provide a more natural hand position.

Handstop Foregrips

Handstop foregrips are designed to prevent your hand from sliding forward on the handguard during shooting. They provide a small ledge for your hand to rest against, improving your grip and control over the rifle. Handstop foregrips are especially useful for shooters who prefer a more forward grip on their AR-15.

Folding Foregrips

Folding grips are a versatile option for AR-15 owners. These grips can be folded out of the way when not in use, allowing for easier storage and transportation of your rifle. Folding foregrips are often used by shooters who need to keep their rifle compact for use in tight spaces.

Integrated Foregrips

Some AR-15 handguards come with integrated foregrips. These foregrips are built into the handguard itself, providing a seamless and ergonomic grip for the shooter. Integrated foregrips are often lighter and more streamlined than aftermarket options, making them a popular choice for those looking to reduce weight and bulk on their rifle.

Choosing the Right Foregrip for Your AR-15

When choosing a foregrip for your AR-15, it’s essential to consider your shooting style and preferences. Vertical foregrips are ideal for shooters who prefer a more traditional grip, while angled fore grips are better suited for those who use a thumb-over-bore grip. Handstop foregrips are excellent for shooters who want to prevent their hand from slipping forward, while folding grips are ideal for those who need a compact and portable option. Integrated foregrips offer a seamless and ergonomic grip but may be limited in terms of customization.

Shop AR-15 Foregrips at 3CR Tactical

At 3CR Tactical, we offer a wide selection of AR-15 foregrips to suit your shooting needs. Whether you’re looking for a vertical, angled, handstop, folding, or integrated foregrip, we have the perfect option for you. Browse our selection today and find the right foregrip to enhance your shooting experience.

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