Frequently Asked Questions

We have partnered with NoFraud, a third party ecommerce fraud screening service. They screen transactions to protect consumers against unauthorized credit card use, and protect businesses against fraud chargebacks. Use of this service allows the flexibility of offering options for shipping destinations while reducing risk.

If your transaction was flagged, you may be contacted to confirm the transaction before it can be released for shipping. This is to ensure that you are the authorized cardholder. NoFraud will never ask for personal information like social security or your full credit card number.

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First, check that your order has shipped and the carrier’s tracking page shows it as delivered. Shipping times and reliability vary greatly by carrier.

We do include shipping loss, damage and theft coverage through Route by default. 3CR Tactical is not liable for loss, damage or theft if this coverage is declined. To start a claim with Route, please click here.

We have found UPS and Fedex to have good tracking systems, and US Postal Service’s systems to be less reliable.

If your tracking number shows delivered, but you did not get the package, there is not much we can do until you contact the carrier directly. For Fedex the number is 800-463-3339 and for UPS it is 800-742-5877. They are generally quite good at resolving these issues, but should they fail, please contact us. If USPS shows delivered and you did not receive the package then you will need to contact them at 800-275-8777 or option 2 on https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm or we cannot file a claim. IMPORTANT: Ask to speak with the postmaster for your city directly if possible. Deliveries are GPS marked, so they should be able to provide the last scanned in location.

Sometimes a USPS carrier will mark a package as delivered at certain points on their route, but then actually drop them off later, or on another day.

For USPS: If your tracking has ceased to show movement on the package, and delivery has exceeded the expected delivery date by 4 business days for Priority Mail and 7 business days for First Class Mail, then please contact us.

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Our checkout process will encumber the funds on your card immediately when the transaction is processed. To the buyer, this will be when you are redirected to the confirmation page and receive the order confirmation email. We do this so we can continue to ensure that orders can ship the same day or next morning.

In cases where we are not able to fulfill an order, you will receive a note with the reason and a refund email once that is initiated from our side. This will initiate a reversal of the transaction with the credit card bank to return the funds to the purchaser’s card. The timing of that is entirely dependent on the bank, but normal time is 24-48 hours during the business week.

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Currently we are not set up to verify Mil or LEO IDs. We do plan to introduce this in the future. In the meantime, we do have standing coupons for discounts on non-sale items that can be found on different coupon sites.

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Sales tax is charged at 7% for all items shipping to a State of Florida address.

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Due to the nature of a lot of our products, and the complexities that come with exporting some of them out of the country, we do not offer shipping to addresses outside of the USA or to freight forwarders.

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We currently accept all major credit cards.

Purchases made via credit card will show up on your card statement as 3CR Tactical.

We no longer offer payments through PayPal due to their policies on the products we carry.

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