Where can I find tracking info for my order?

We strongly suggest creating an account with us. With your account you can manage wishlists, view past purchases and also view tracking information for current orders. Tracking info will be available on the order section of your account.

When your order ships, you will also receive an order completion email that contains the carrier and tracking number. This email will come from the address noreply@goshippo.com and does sometimes end up in spam or junk folders.

For orders that will ship in multiple packages, those tracking numbers will be emailed individually.

An order will usually go through the following steps:

  • Processing: this means that we received your order and your payment has cleared. If your payment is rejected for any reason (usually address or CVS mismatches) then your cart will still be available for checkout for one hour before the transaction is canceled.
  • Completed: this is triggered automatically when our shipping system prints the labels and they are applied to the packaged goods
  • Invoice/Confirmation: In most cases, this email will contain your tracking info and a summary of your order. It is generated when your order is scheduled or has been picked up.