Lone Wolf Lower Parts Kit for Polymer80 Spectre Full size


  • Lone Wolf Trigger Bar (G17/G19/G22/G23/G24/G26/G27/G31/G32/G33/G34/G35/G37/G38/G39)
  • Lone Wolf Polymer Trigger Shoe
  • Lone Wolf Extended Slide Stop (3 Pin)
  • Lone Wolf Extended Slide Lock Lever
  • Lone Wolf Connector 3.5lb
  • Lone Wolf Trigger Spring 6.0lb
  • Lone Wolf Trigger Pin
  • Lone Wolf Locking Block Pin
  • Lone Wolf Universal Trigger Housing
  • Lone Wolf Magazine Catch Spring
  • Lone Wolf Extended Magazine Catch
  • Lone Wolf Slide Lock Spring (G17/G17L/G20/G21/G21SF/G22/G24/G24/G31/G34/G35/G37)
  • Lone Wolf .40 S&W Bare Ejector
  • Lone Wolf 9mm Bare Ejector

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The Lone Wolf Poly80 Spectre Completion Kit for Glocks contains all the parts necessary to complete the lower portion of your custom build. Easy to install, the Lone Wolf Poly80 Spectre Completion Kit for Glock provides reliable, optimum performance in your handgun.

Lone Wolf Distributors Completion Kit For Poly 80 Spectre Full Size

Finish/Color: Black
Description: Lower Parts Kit


  • Universal Trigger Housing
  • Adjustable over-travel
  • Easy, drop-in installation

Compatible with:

  • Glock OEM Gen2/3/4 in 9mm/.40S&W/.357 SIG
  • Lone Wolf Timberwolf
  • Polymer80


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