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A Better-than-basic Glock 17 Clone Build List for Under $500

Glock 17 Bare Bones Kit

The Glock 17 has been around for almost 40 years now and is one of the most popular handguns chambered in 9 x 19 Parabellum, which is a round in itself that has it’s own measure of popularity. Glock’s modular nature and the plethora of 3rd party parts and accessories have made this firearm a staple with many gun owners and Law Enforcement.

It’s this popularity that has given rise to the frame clone kits offered by Polymer80 that take Glock parts and allow you to build a fully functional, customizable clone for around what you would pay for a new OEM Glock 17. All parts mentioned below are compatible with Glock OEM frames, slides and most other parts. If you’ve built an AR before, this isn’t as involved and we kit most of the internal small parts to ensure compatibility.

Introductions aside, lets get to breaking down the major components of the Glock 17. We won’t go into details on each internal part, as we sell those in kits.

Here are the major pieces to our Polymer80 Glock 17 kit that you can build with simple hand tools to produce a fully functional pistol in a few hours. Our list does not include sights or magazines. Add your own sights based on your needs and magazines based on your state’s regulations.

Frame Polymer80 PF940V2BL 80% Frame Kit – Textured Grip$109.99
SlideBrownells RMR Cut Black Gen 3 Nitride FInished Glock 17 Slide$179.99
Barrel9mm Stainless Steel Glock 17 Threaded Barrel$79.99
Slide Parts KitLone Wolf 9mm Slide Completion Kit$79.95
Frame Parts KitLone Wolf Universal Lower Parts Kit$65.95

So if you’ve gotten this far and saw the total above, you’re probably wondering WTF? This was supposed to be a build list for under $500. This is some bait-and-switch ish. It’s true that if you purchase these components individually, you’re looking at a shade north of $500, which is normally in the range of LEO turn-in OEM Glock territory. We do however offer a complete builder’s bundle for less than $500. Check out the link below.

So for under $500 nets you a Glock 17 clone, with a threaded barrel, premium part kits and an RMR cut slide. All of which are non-standard on OEM Glocks (see where we get the better-than-basic from?).

If that’s still a lot of cash to plunk down in one sitting, my wife would kill me if I did that, then you can still pick up the major components in bundles over time, or snipe individual components from the above list to piece together a build.

Here are some smaller build kits we offer that will get you to the same spot

Disclaimer: All products described above are trademarked by their respective manufacturers. Some states do not allow us to ship frame kits (looking at you NJ). Threaded barrels are restricted in some states. Please be aware of your local laws before ordering. We accept no responsibility for orders shipping to states with these restrictions. We cannot accept returns on Polymer80 frames. Please contact Polymer80 directly for warranty replacements.


Polymer80 has recently released it’s own kit with all parts and a magazine to build a fully functional pistol. We usually carry these and can’t recommend them enough. Check out the linls below: